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We are with your company

The Firm has always distinguished itself for its transparency in the determination of its fees. Please, for reference consult here our fees, taking into account that some adjustments may be required in accordance with the circumstances of each specific case.

Consequently, when a client hires us, we fully inform them of the cost of the work we will be conducting. This includes any additional expense that may be required.

To implement this transparency policy, we operate in two different ways depending on the nature of the matter:

1. In the case of a specific matter, before providing our legal services we inform the client of the cost and our fees in a detailed estimate or order form.

2. If it is a permanent collaboration, we recommend that the company should enter into a flat-rate monthly agreement (a retainer) that ensures full legal advice. This ensures that anyone wishing to hire us will know beforehand how much it will cost regardless of the legal work involved.

Within this retainer scheme, two types of contracts are possible: one in which the legal consultancy covers all legal fields but excludes court proceedings and another contract that includes the handling all lawsuits and contentious procedures that may arise during the time the contract is in force.

We, therefore, recommend companies to enter into a flat-rate monthly agreement as this allows them to know the costs involved beforehand, regardless of the legal work involved.

This flat-rate agreement is reviewed regularly on the basis of the needs of the clients so that the client is always conformable. Confidence means that our client’s problems are our problems and it is precisely here where our motto takes on full significance, we are what we do repeatedly, then excellence in our work is a habit not an act. Confidence is also part of this habit leading to the ultimate goal of the Firm which is to legally protect our clients in every step of their way.